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  1. Monthly magazine of Engineering Exports Promotion Council
    ( May 2020 )
      (June 2020)

  2. Increasing the Bilateral Trade in Goods b/w India & France to € 15 Billion by 2022 : Market Survey conducted by the Embassy of India (Paris) through KPMG Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai) (Sept. 2019)

  3. Les Etats de l'Inde 

  4. Directory of Indian Businesses based in France

  5. Book on Testimonials by the CEO’s of French companies present in India: Publication by the Economic & Commercial Wing of the Embassy of India (Paris) this book in French, published in June 2017 talks about the experiences of different French business houses in India.

  6. The Indian Growth Story: Reinvigorating Through ReformsA Compendium of the Major Economic Reforms undertaken by the Government of India over the recent past, published by the Embassy of India, Paris