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1 - Issue / Re-issue of Passports

In compliance with the regulations of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), only machine readable printed passports are now to be accepted for international travel. Click here for more information.

  • Indian Passports are generally issued with a validity of 10 years (except in the case of children up to the age of 15 years where it is issued for a validity of 5 years). Their re-issue thereafter involves the issuance of a new passport.
  • Wherever any changes are required in personal particulars pages of the passport, a new passportneeds to be obtained as the practice of hand written endorsements in the existing passport no longerexists.Re-issuance of passport will be required if there is change in any entry printed on the passport or tobe added on the passport, insufficient pages or in case of passport lost/damaged. Additional pages cannot beadded on the passport, only a new passport can be reissued.

A new passport can be issued one year before expiry or on expiry of any passport issued for full validity of 10 years (5 years in the case of minors).

Checklist : Passport checklist
Procedure : 1. Online form duly filled, printed & signed https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in )
2. Attach documents as per the checklist

Venue :

1. For Indians resident in France (All cases): At VFS centres
2. Indians on Tourist/Business visit to France (Lost cases) : 20-22 Rue Albéric Magnard, 75016 Paris


2 - Emergency Certificate (to return back to India)

Requirement of documents for re-issue of Passport / Emergency Certificate upon loss of Passport :

  • Police report in original
  • Emergency Certificate Application Form
  • 2 recent photographs (identical ones)
  • Self-attested photocopy of the first and last pages of the lost/damaged passport
  • Application explaining circumstances under which loss of passport occurred
  • Affidavit form L
  • Fee for Emergency Certificate: 14 € in cash.

The above facility is applicable only for Indian nationals who are visiting France temporarily for purpose of tourism or business


3 - Passport Surrender and Renunciation

The Indian Citizenship Act, 1955 does not allow dual citizenship. Holding an Indian passport / acquiring an Indian passport / travelling on an Indian passport after acquisition of foreign citizenship constitutes an offence under the Indian Passport Act, 1967, and attracts penalties. Indian nationals, who have already obtained citizenship of another country, must renounce/ surrender their Indian passport immediately after acquisition of foreign citizenship.

Applicants can do this through any of M/s VF Services centres in France. 


  • All the persons of India origin, who have acquired foreign nationality on or before 31.05.2010 must surrender their Indian passport.  They will be issued 'Surrender Certificate' and cancelled Indian Passport.
  • All the persons of India origin, who have acquired foreign nationality on or after 01.06.2010, must surrender their Indian Passport and Renounce Indian citizenship. They need to apply for a Surrender Certificate and Renunciation Certificate. Surrender certificate, cancelled Indian Passport and the Renunciation certificate will be given back to the applicant.  Any delay in surrendering Indian passport and its use for travel shall attract penalty charges.
  • All the persons of India origin, who are unable to produce Indian passport should apply for a sworn affidavit stating the reasons for not being able to produce the Indian Passport.
  • Penalty for misuse of Indian passport shall be imposed if the last held Indian passport expired on or after 1.1.2005 and it is retained beyond three years from the date of acquisition of Foreign Nationality i.e. not surrendered or the person travelled on Indian passport beyond the grace period of three months from the date of acquisition of foreign nationality or the validity of the last held Indian passport was renewed after acquiring foreign nationality.
  • The Government of India has prescribed imposition of penalty on a graded scale, depending on the number of trips made on the Indian passport, renewal of Indian passport after acquiring foreign nationality and retention of Indian Passport for more than 3 years after acquiring foreign nationality, for the violation of Passport Rules.

Please note that date on the Naturalisation Certificate will be treated as date of acquiring foreign nationality and not from the date the French/foreign passport was issued. The date of publication must therefore be mentioned on the Naturalisation Certificate.


4 - Other Consular Services

M/s VFS is responsible for receipt of applications for passport related consular  services, collection of fees, submission of applications at the Embassy of India in Paris, collecting the processed documents from the Embassy of India in Paris, and returning them back to applicants.

M/s VFS is not involved in the process of assessment of passport related consular applications. The assessment of passport related consular applications is carried out by the Embassy of India, Paris and the decision to grant or refuse a document is at their sole discretion. Staff members of VF Services (UK) Limited have no role or influence over the outcome of an application. 

The Government of India provides the following passport related consular services for applicants through VFS France. Please refer to each service to check your eligibility and to apply.

This service pertains to issuance of birth certificate attestation (in French) in lieu of the original birth certificate on the basis of a valid Indian passport. It also includes Registration of Birth and issue of passport to the new born baby. Form is available at :  Checklist

This service pertains to the issuance of a Police Clearance for Indian nationals residing in France. This is a document issued by the Embassy of India, certifying that the applicant has never been involved with the Indian police (a document which is required when a person applies for emigration status to countries).  Form is available at:  Checklist

  • “ Certificat de Coutume” for the purpose of marriage/for giving name to the new born child : Apply at VFS France

This service pertains to the issuance of a “certificate de coutume” for the purpose of marriage. Form is available at : Checklist

  • “Certificat de Concordance” : Apply at VFS France
  • This service pertains to the issuance of a concordance certificate to justify the discrepancy between the name in the Birth Certificate and the Passport. From is available at: Checklist
  • a) All documents issued by Indian/foreign government, those are to be attested, must be apostilled. For Indian Citizens: Power of Attorney/Affidavit is to be executed at Embassy of India infront of the Consular Officer. Presence of applicant is a must. Fee are accepted in cash only.

    b) Legalization e.g. Power of Attorney/Affidavits
    For Indian Citizens : POA/Affidavit is to be executed infront of the Consular Officer only. Fee is accepted in cash only. Apply at Embassy of India. Other than Indian National: POA/Affidavit must be apostilled in respective country. Apply at VFS Centre.

    c) NRI Certificate: Apply at VFS Centre

    d) Life Certificate: For Indian Citizens only. Apply at Embassy of India, Paris.

Note: Please note that the Embassy of India, Paris does not issue “Bachelorhood”/”Marital Status” or “Certificat de Celibat”


5 - Fee Schedule

Your payment allows you to deposit an application. The latter can be accepted, refused or modified by the Embassy of India in its full right. Once fees have been paid, they cannot be refunded, even in a case of an application refusal or cancellation.

Modes of payment

All payments made at the Embassy of India shall be in Cash only.

Fees Chart

The price of your application is made up of fixed service charges and variable consular charges. Please consult the fees chart in order to calculate the total amount to pay.

Please click here for information regarding fees for various Passport & Consular Services.