Other Consular Services

Attestation/ Consular and Misc. Services 
Following Services are provided directly at the Embassy:-

Address :- Consular Wing
Embassy of India
20-22 Rue Alberic Magnard
Paris -75016


Applicants who wish to avail the services at the Embassy are requested to take a appointment.  No person without appointment will be allowed to enter the Embassy. Also it is mandatory to wear a face mask when you are in Embassy premises.

For appointment please send an email to:-
copy to: cons.paris@mea.gov.in

  1. Attestation of Power of Attorney (PoA)/Affidavit (s) :-

    For execution of the PoA/ Affidavit(s) relating to civil/property/financial matters, applicants/executants are required to visit the Embassy in person and have to sign the PoA/Affidavit(s) before the consular officer. Documents required:
  2. (i) Misc. application form (to be filled at the Embassy)
    (ii) Applicant’s original Indian passport and a copy of the same.
    (iii) Copy of resident card
    (iv) Original and a copy of the Power of Attorney/Affidavit
    (v) Photograph (to be affixed on the last page of the PoA near signature)
    (vi) Proof of residence in France.
    (vii) Original and one copy of two witness’s valid passports with copy of their address proof.
    (vii) Fees :- 21 euros.

    Note:- In the case of PoA, the PoA needs to be witnessed and signed by two France based individuals with their names, ID proof clearly mentioning in PoA. The witnesses have to sign before the consular officer and have to produce their original IDs at the time of signing. If both or any of the witness cannot come in person, one copy of witness’s passport(s) duly notorised by the notary public and PoA duly signed before notary public by the executant and witnesses need to be submitted.
    The witness in PoA should not be amongst the beneficiaries of the PoA.
    Processing time :- Normally same day/next working day.

  3. Affidavit of Celibacy (Affidavit on Bachelorhood)
  4. (i) Misc. application form (to be filled at the Embassy)
    (ii) Affidavit (to be filled at the Embassy)
    (iii) Copy of Indian passport + Original
    (iv) Copy of resident card/ Copy of visa
    (v) Copy of Identity card of the future bride/groom
    (vi) Residence proof
    Note:- Applicants have to apply in person only.
    Fees :- 21 euros to be paid in cash only.

  5. Life Certificate
  6. An individual who needs a life certificate for the purpose of pension in India or to produce before authorities in India for any other purpose may apply for this service. Applicants have to apply in person only.

    Download the Miscellaneous Application form
    and Life certificate form
    Fill it up carefully while affixing your recent photograph.

    Documents required:

    (i) Original Pension Order provided by the Pension Authorities in India along with a self-attested copy of the Pension Order.

    (ii) Original and self-attested copy of the pension book/bank documents of pension.

    (iii) Original Passport along with a Copy of passport (first two and last pages)

    (iv) Copy of resident card/Visa

    (v) Proof of residence (original and photo copy)

    (vi) Applicants applying for Life Certificate other than pension may provide reasons for the same in a self-attested document along with the supporting documents.

    (vii) In addition to above, Defense personnel may provide original and a photocopy of ID.

    Amount for this service: 2 euros to be paid in cash only.

    Note:- French nationals who need Life certificate to produce before Indian authorities in India should get it attested by Marie/apostilled by Cour d Appel before coming to the Embassy.

    Sworn Affidavit

    Required for the purpose of VISA or OCI application by the persons of Indian origin who never held an Indian passportor who have lost their Indian passports and are consequently unable to apply for surrender certificate.
    Documents required:-

    • Application form (available at the Embassy)
    • Copy of nationality certificate issued in India/ First Foreign passport issued in India (for persons of Indian origin who never held Indian passports)    OR  copy of Indian passports and Police complaint (for persons who have lost their Indian passport and acquired Foreign nationality).
    • Copy of Foreign Passport
    • One photograph
    • Fee: - 21 euros for sworn affidavit.

    Note:- Fee to be paid in cash only.

  7. Transportation of mortal remains to India

    The following documents are necessary for Public Health clearance of Human remains:-

    (a) Death Certificate issued by the health department / hospital / doctor clearly mentioning the cause of death
    (b) Death Certificate issued by the Marie
    (c) Embalming certificate
    (d) Non contagious certificate
    (e) Non epidemic certificate
    (f) Closing of coffin certificate
    (g) NOC (to be issued by the Embassy) 
    (f) Original Indian passport or OCI
    (g) Request Letter/ Authorisation from the family member.
    (h) Flight details

    (i) Death certificate (to be issued by the Embassy for Indian nationals, see 6 below)

    Note :
    (i) All the above mentioneddocuments except ‘g’ to ‘i’have to be apostilled by the “Courd’Appel” of the department concerned and then translated in English by an authorised translator before submitting to the Embassy for attestation. 
    (ii) Please note that these documents have to be submitted in two sets.
    (iii) The health NOC will be provided only if all the documents mentioned above in original and photocopy are presented to the health officer at the airport.
    (iv) Fees:- Euro 21/-. It includes ICWF fees. Cancellation of Indian passport of an Indian who dies abroad is gratis.
    (v) Euro 12 for attestation of any death related document 
    (vi) Payment to be made by cash only.

  8. Transportation of Ashes to India

    (i) Death Certificate issued by the doctor with cause of death to be mentioned therein
    (ii) Death Certificate issued by the Marie
    (iii) Cremation certificate
    (iv) Non epidemic certificate
    (v) Request letter/Authorization to transport the ashes to India
    (vi) Original Indian passport/OCIof the deceased
    (vii) Flight details

    Note :-(i) All the above mentioned documents except ‘v’ to ‘vii’ have to be apostilled by the “Courd’Appel” of the department concerned and then translated in English by an authorised translator before submitting to the Embassy for attestation.
    (ii) Please note that these documents have to be submitted in two sets.
    (iii) Fees:- Euros 21. It includes ICWF fee. Cancellation of Indian passport of an Indian who dies abroad is gratis.
    (iv) Euro 12 for attestation of any death / Ashes related document
    (v) Payment to be made by cash only.

6. Death Registration Certificate

Following documents are required for Registration of Death of Indian nationals:

(i). Duly filled in miscellaneous application form
(ii). Duly Filled in Application for death registration (click here)
(iii).Original Passports for deceased and applicant
(iv). Photocopy of deceased’s passport and self-attested photocopy of applicant’s passport
(v). Original and Apostilled Death Certificate from the local authorities and Hospital / Doctor with spare photocopy. English translation of the documents from sworn translator.
(vi). Fees Euro 21/- (including ICWF)

Processing time: Same Day

7. Application for re-issuance of International Driving Permit (IDP)

From 15.02.2021, the service of re-issue of IDP has been included as one of the consular services provided by Indian Mission. IDP helps the Indian Citizen to drive vehicle, which is allowed to drive as per Indian Driving Licence, in foreign country, which are the signatory of Geneva Convention on Road Traffic, 1949, such as France. This convention provides for issue of IDP for one year only and does not have any provision for its renewal.

The process for re-issue of IDP is as under:

a) Applicant will visit the Mission and fill the Miscellaneous Consular Service form.
b) A fee of Euro 21 including ICWF charges will be collected by the Mission towards accepting the application of re-issue of IDP.
c) A receipt will be handed over to the applicant by the Mission in this regard.
d) Applicant will apply for fresh issue of IDP through www.parivahan.gov.in portal and will upload the documents, including the receipt issued by the Mission.

Note: On receipt of application through the portal, the licencing authority, on verification of the documents, shall issue the IDP and courier it directly to the address of the applicant. 

Request for following Services are to be applied with VFS at 6 Boulevard du General Leclerc, 6th Floor, 92110 Clichy (https://services.vfsglobal.com/fra/en/ind/apply-consular-services, Email – infoindefrance@vfshelpline.com,:  Phone  33 1 76 27 86 85) :-

Passport based Birth Certificate.

Note: Passport based Birth Certificate is issued by the Embassy on the basis of the information contained in Passports. Prior to applying for this Consular Service, please verify with concerned French organization as to whether this certificate will be accepted in lieu of an apostilled Birth certificate. Birth Certificates apostilled by Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India should be accepted by the French authorities as both India and France are party to the Hague Apostille Convention, 1961

Coutume certificate (Required by the Marie for marriage or for giving name to the new born child).
Concordance certificate (issued to justify discrepancy between name on passport and Indian birth certificate.
NRI certificate

Legalization/attestation of civil documents/commercial documents or any other documents. These documents needs to be apostilled from the courd’appel if they are French documents and from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs in Indiaif they are Indian documents.

Police clearance certificate for foreign nationals.

Birth registration of new born child of Indian parent(s):-

(a) Birth of a new born child has to be registered first with MHA under section 4(1) of the citizenship Act 1955 and then with Embassy of India, Paris through VFS.  Please access the link below for registration with MHA:- https://indiancitizenshiponline.nic.in/Home2.aspx?formcode=09                                                     

(b) Please access the following link for registration of birth with the Embassy, documents required etc :-

(c)Quick guide for Registration of birth of a minor child at an Indian Consulate Under section 4(1) of the Citizenship Act, 1955 (Click here to view)

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