About Us List of Officers

1 Mr. Jawed Ashraf Ambassador amb.paris@mea.gov.in
2 Dr. K.M. Praphullachandra Sharma Deputy Chief Of Mission dcm.paris@mea.gov.in
3 Mrs. Shrila Datta Kumar Minister (Consular) mincons.paris@mea.gov.in
4 Air Commodore Hilal Ahmad Rather Air Attaché airwing.paris@iaf.nic.in
5 Brig. Zubin Bhatnagar Military Attaché da.paris@mea.gov.in
6 Mr. Kalyan Chakravarthy Madala Counsellor ( Atomic Energy) aew.paris@mea.gov.in
7 Mr Tushar R Phadnis Counsellor (Space) isro.paris@mea.gov.in
8 Mr. Avinash Kumar Singh First Secretary (Consular & Political) cons.paris@mea.gov.in
9 Ms. Sucheta Chatterjee  First Secretary (Political) pol.paris@mea.gov.in
First Secretary (Income Tax Overseas Unit),
First Secretary (Economic& Commerce)
11 Mr. Ignaci Arulanandu First Secretary (Research, Technology, Community Affairs & Education) community.paris@mea.gov.in
Education :edu.paris@mea.gov.in
12 Wing Commander BBS Anand Deputy Air Attache airwing.paris@iaf.nic.in
13 Mr. Tusharanshu Sharma Second Secretary (Economic and Commerce) eco.paris@mea.gov.in
14 Mr. Manoj Kumar Second Secretary (Head of Chancery) hoc.paris@mea.gov.in
15 Mr. Naman Upadhyaya Second Secretary (Press, Information & Culture) pic.paris@mea.gov.in
16 Ms. Mallika Sudhir Second Secretary (PDI Paris) mallika.sudhir@mea.gov.in
17 Mr. Akshay Tyagi Second Secretary (Political Wing) eco.paris@mea.gov.in
18 Ms. Ann Mary George Second Secretary (Political Wing) annmary.george@mea.gov.in
19 Ms. Anjali Surendranathan Second Secretary (Political Wing) pol2.paris@mea.gov.in
20 Mr. Deepanshu Khurana Second Secretary (Economic & Commerce) d.khurana18@mea.gov.in
21 Ms. Pujya Priyadarshni Third Secretary (LT) pujya.p19@mea.gov.in
22 Mr. Dhruv Mittal Third Secretary (LT) dhruv.mittal19@mea.gov.in
23 Mr. Vikram Grewal Third Secretary (LT) vikram.grewal19@mea.gov.in