Open House Meetings

Open House Meetings in 2023

The Consular Wing of Embassy of India, Paris will start organising “Open House’’ meetings on consular services for Indian nationals / Persons of Indian Origin on 2nd Wednesday of every month in the morning.  The applicants may come with all relevant documents between 11.00 – 11.30 am in the morning to Embassy at:

20-22, Rue Alberic Magnard, 75016 Paris

2. The objective of the open house meetings is to engage with Indian nationals as well as persons of Indian origin on consular matters such as issuance of passports, OCI cards or other services and to address specific issues raised.  During Open House, Embassy officers will be available to interact with members of Indian Community on Consular issues.  No Prior appointment is needed.  Following are the dates of Open House for 2023:-

11th January (Wednesday), 8th February (Wednesday), 9th March (Thursday as 8th March is holiday), 12th April (Wednesday), 10th May (Wednesday), 14th June (Wednesday), 12th July (Wednesday), 9th August (Wednesday), 13th September (Wednesday), 11th October (Wednesday), 8th November (Wednesday), 13th December (Wednesday). 

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