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Solemnization/Registration of marriage under Foreign Marriage Act, 1969


Embassy of India, Paris solemnize / register marriages under Foreign Marriage Act of 1969, under following two sections:-

(A) Section 14 of the Act – Registration of Solemnization of marriage before the Marriage Officer of Embassy

(B) Section 17 of the Act – Registration of marriage that is already solemnized in  France in accordance with the law of France. 

General Conditions:

1. At least one of the prospective bride or bridegroom must be an Indian National and a legal resident within the consular jurisdiction of Embassy of India, Paris.  He / She should have resided in France for a period of not less than thirty days immediately preceding the date on which the notice of intended marriage is given to the Marriage Officer at Embassy of India, Paris and he / she should have either residence permit (of France) or be on long term visa in France.

2. If any one of prospective bride or bridegroom is not an Indian National, a No objection certificate from the concerned authority or an affidavit declaring his/her marital status (bachelorhood) and willingness to marry an Indian National, duly attested / apostilled by the concerned authority needs to be submitted.

3. Regarding divorcee, a decree of divorce issued by the competent authority (court of law) in India and attested by CPV Division, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, in case the divorce has taken place in India. In case divorce has taken place in a country other than India, the divorce certificate needs to be attested by the competent authorities of the concerned country and should be counter-attested by the concerned Indian Mission/Post accredited to that country.

4. Marriages registered / solemnized under this act may or may not be recognised in a Foreign country.  

How to apply:

This service is available only in person at the Embassy. The bride and bride-groom, along-with the three witnesses, out of which at least one is to be Indian National, with valid Visa / residence status are required to be physically present and sign before the Marriage Officer during the submission of Declaration as well as solemnization/registration of the marriage (two times on two different dates).  The detailed procedure of (A) and (B) above are as below:

(A) For registration of solemnization of marriage at Embassy under section 14

(I)    Marriage of Indian national with Indian national.

Step I

The notice of intended marriage as per Annex I along with fee is to be submitted to Embassy after taking appointment.  The notice of marriage will be put up on the Embassy notice board for a month.  The signed Form at Annex II is also to be submitted along with notice of intended marriage.  On this day the bride and bridegroom will have to sign the Declaration (Annex IV) and affidavit [for Indian party(ies), Annex V], in front of Marriage Officer and in the presence of three witnesses, out of which at least one is to be an Indian national.  All are to be present physically in front of Marriage Officer for signing at Embassy.  Appointments can be taken by writing to  visa.paris@mea.gov.in with copy to cons.paris@mea.gov.in.  In case of any problem on this, Embassy can be contacted.

Step II

Advertisement / Notice in the prescribed format (Annex III) is to be published in a widely circulated newspaper in the home country in English, at the place of permanent residence as indicated in the passports of bride and groom, and in the country in which the parties are ordinarily resident. In case, both bride and groom are from same state in India, notice is to be published only in one newspaper of that particular state in English. After the publication of Notice, the applicants are required to submit the concerned newspapers in original.  A Hindi / English translation (by sworn translators) of the advertisement is to be submitted with Embassy where the language of advertisement is a Foreign Language.

Step III

Thereafter, Embassy will give a date for Solemnization of Marriage, on which all five (bride, bridegroom and three witnesses) will appear in person before the Marriage Officer for registration of marriage.  The date will be at least 30 days after the submission date of notice of intended marriage or publication of newspaper advertisements whichever is later.  The notice of intended marriage remains valid for six months; if the marriage is not registered within this period the entire process is to be started afresh.

Documents required:

(i)  Miscellaneous service application form (Annex VI)

(ii)    Marriage Registration Fee Euro 46 plus Euro 2/- for ICWF plus Euro 42/- for two affidavits (if both parties are Indian; total Euro 90/-), to be paid in cash at Embassy during the time of Notice intended marriage.

(iii)  Original passport and Passport copy, visa / residence permit copy and proof of address (utility bill / driving licence) of prospective bride and groom and three witnesses.  Photocopies are to be self attested.

(iv) 4 identical passport size recent photographs of Bride & Groom.

(v) Duly filled in form for ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ as mentioned above

(vi) Duly filled in form for ‘Declaration by Prospective Bride and Groom’(2 copies) and Affidavit as mentioned above

(vii)  Original full news papers.  

(viii) Scanned copies of all documents must be sent to Embassy by email at least four working days before the date of registration / solemnization of marriage to visa.paris@mea.gov.in with copy to cons.paris@mea.gov.in & mincons.paris@mea.gov.in and originals are to be brought on the day of solemnization of marriage. ##

(II)  Marriage of Indian national with foreign national 

In case either of the bridegroom or bride is of any nationality other than Indian, bachelorhood certificate and No objection to marry an Indian national OR singleness affidavit with intention of marrying an Indian national, in original and duly attested / apostilled by the concerned Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Embassy/Consulate of that country is required to be submitted, along with translation in English. This document should not be older than 90 days of the date of notice of intended marriage. This is to be submitted at least fifteen days before the date of registration of solemnization of marriage. The foreign party also needs to publish advertisement in his home country as well as the place of his ordinary residence, if it is different. 

(B) Registration of Marriages under section 17 of Foreign Marriage Act, 1969 (already solemnized as per French law in France) – Send an email request for registration of marriage [already solemnized in France] along with all the scanned documents at visa.paris@mea.gov.in with copy to cons.paris@mea.gov.in and mincons.paris@mea.gov.in. Accordingly, an appointment date will be conveyed to the applicants.

Required documents:

Completed Miscellaneous Services Application Form (Annex VI)

Marriage Registration Request Form (Annex VII) filled and signed by both bride, bride groom and three witnesses, out of which at least one is to be an Indian national, in front of the Marriage Officer.

Original Passport of all the five individuals (Bride, Bridegroom and 3 witnesses) + 1 Photocopy (first & last page)

Copy of Proof of address(recent utility bill, driving license) of all five individuals.

Original and Copy of valid Visa residence permit of all five individuals.

Original apostilled Marriage Certificate along with a photocopy

Two identical, passport size, recent, photographs each of prospective bride and bridegroom.

Fee Euro 46 plus Euro 2/- for ICWF. Fee is to be paid in cash at Embassy.

Three witnesses, out of which at least one is to be and Indian National, must be physically present along with the both parties at the time marriage registration. Please email at visa.paris@mea.gov.in with copy to cons.paris@mea.gov.in and mincons.paris@mea.gov.in to make an appointment. ##