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1. The visa ‘J’ is issued to media persons, the different professions such as the print media  and electronic media, the entire audio-visual sector including production, cinema &  television professionals, photographers, authors, publishers, editors, publicity and advertisements (non-exhaustive list).  This category of visa is non-renewable and non-extendable, except in specific cases, such as media accreditation to India.

2. All persons in the above-mentioned and related categories of profession, even when free-lance, self-employed or temporarily unemployed should apply for a J-visa to India, even while visiting India for tourism purposes. Foreign journalists, including interns and trainees working in foreign organisations in India should apply for J-visas; however journalists, interns or trainees working in Indian media organisations should apply for Employment visa (E-visa) with all the requisite supporting documents.

3. The J-visa form, like any other visa form, is to be accessed on  the internet site http://www.vfsglobal.com/india/france/ duly filled according to instructions, printed, and submitted at the VFS visa counters situated at 42-44 rue du Paradis, 75010 Paris.

Those going to India for professional assignments could have their visa applications processed in priority if they so wish. For the same, they should address a request to Attaché (Press, Information & Culture) along with scanned copies of supporting documents, i.e. an assignment letter (lettre de mission) from the organisation for which they are working. The e-mails to which requests for facilitation of professional J-visas should be sent are:


For further information on filming in India, you could send a mail on the above-mentioned emails or call 0140505020 (Press Desk) / 0140505106 (Reception desk).Consular information of any kind is to be sought from VFS only.

The Press, Information & Culture Wing remains at the disposal of the Media, publications and communications sector for facilitating their demarches and for any further information.



Mr. Naman Upadhyaya

Third Secretary (Press, Information & Culture)

Embassy of India
13-15, Rue Alfred Dehodencq
75016- Paris

Email: pic.paris@mea.gov.in