About Us Virtual Business Meet in the Footwear and Leather Sector

Virtual meeting with Indian exporters of leather products - October 7, 2021 at 12:00 noon.

We are pleased to inform you of a B2B meeting on Zoom on Thursday 07 October at 12:00 noon (French time) with Indian exporters of leather and leather goods, organized at the initiative of the Council for  Leather  Exports (CLE -  http://leatherindia.org/ ).

The CLE (the official body in India in charge of exports in the leather sector) will bring together for this virtual event lasting 2 hours about fifteen Indian exporters / manufacturers wishing to develop their activities with potential importers in France.

The range of products exhibited by the Indian companies present is wide: footwear (but not only leather), clothing, finished leather goods, accessories, riding equipment, etc.

Indian exhibitors, for example, will be present: Alpine, D'Lords, GP Exports, GC Group, Kavis, to name but a few. Click here for the list of Indian participants

The Director of CLE, representatives of the Embassy and exhibitors will speak in English during the event to present their products as well as the leather sector in India, for the first part of the event. The second half will be devoted to making contact and organizing B2B interviews between interested parties.

We invite you to register and participate in this event.  Click here for the flyer and the registration link

We are at your disposal for any further information.

Contact:  eco.paris@mea.gov.in