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Global Tender for Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 2 nos. of 10 - 12 CuM Diesel Hydraulic Face Shovels, 3 nos. of 10 - 12 CuM Diesel Hydraulic Backhoe Shovels and 2 no. 10-12 CuM Electric Hydraulic Face Shovels of along with Consumable Spares and Consumables for 12 months of warranty period from the date of commissioning of the equipment and thereafter Spares and Consumables for a period of 5 years under Spares Cost Cap

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The above tender document is available in Coal India Portal (www.coalindia.in), CPPP (https:/eprocure.gov.in) and Coalindia tender Portal (https://coalindiatenders.nic.in)