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Protocol for Corona suspected, positive and negative cases

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Suspected cases:

  • Isolate yourself strictly at home,
  • Avoid contact,
  • Call a doctor before going to his office/ try tele-consultation/ call the corona hotline number (0800130000).
  • If the symptoms worsen with difficult breathing and signs of suffocation, call 15 .
  • Get tested if  you are  fragile or  high risk person or  have signs of seriousness or  you  are already hospitalized or you are  a  healthcare professional.
  •  If you  do not belong to any of these categories,  your  Doctor  will perform  diagnosis on clinical signs .
  • For confirmation of symptoms, please take the following test:


Who is considered an "at risk" person?

  • people aged 70 and above;
  • patients with dialyzed chronic renal failure;
  • patients with a cardiovascular history;
  • insulin-dependent diabetics who are unbalanced or who have complications;
  • people with a chronic respiratory pathology likely to worsen during a viral infection;
  •  patients with chronic kidney disease on dialysis;
  • people with congenital or acquired immunosuppression (drugs: cancer chemotherapy, immunosuppressive chemotherapy, biotherapy and/or immunosuppressive corticosteroid therapy, uncontrolled HIV infection with CD4 <200/mm³, following solid organ or hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, with treatment-emergent haematopoietic malignancies, with metastatic cancer);
  • at least stage B cirrhosis patients;
  • pregnant women in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy;
  •  people with morbid obesity (body mass index> 40kg / m²)

If tested positive :

  • Stay strictly at home and  if you have an essential medical appointment wear a mask to get there. 
  • In case of breathing difficulty, please  call 15.
  • Depending on  your  situation,  self-monitor yourself as per the  monitoring protocol set up by your Doctor. 
  • Apply the home maintenance instructions, to protect yourself and your  family members. The  strict isolation will be lifted when doctor confirms recovery.

If  tested negative:

  • Continue to apply barrier gestures ( wash  your  hands very regularly, cough and sneeze into elbow, use single-use tissues, greet without shaking hands, stop kissing and continue to limit  trips to what is strictly necessary.)

(Based on information shared by French Ministry of Health and Solidarity)