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Press Release regarding Amnesty International

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Embassy of India



On 29 September 2020, Amnesty International announced halting its India operations due to alleged reprisals from the Government of India.

2. The Press Release issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of India in response to the announcement is placed Here. Amnesty International India had been violating India’s FCRA regulations by receiving funds remitted through inter-organisations transfers as Foreign Direct Investment (automatic route) and as payments for consultancy fees, primarily from the UK, without due approval of the Government of India. This rerouting of money was in contravention of extant legal provisions. It had received ‘prior permission’ to receive foreign funds only once in the year 2000. The funds were utilised by Amnesty International India for activities that were not consistent with the stated purposes.

3. Government of India is also investigating allegations of Amnesty International India Private Limited having engaged in commercial activities with funds obtained as remittances against export of services as well as inter-organisation transfers. Amnesty International India Pvt. Ltd. and also Indians for Amnesty International Trust are therefore under investigation by federal agencies in India for violation of Indian federal laws pertaining to receiving and use of funds from foreign entities, foreign exchange management and tax laws. Government of India has thus frozen the bank accounts of these two entities. This step has been legally validated by the High Court of Karnataka, when challenged. Legal recourse and judicial remedies are always available for dispute settlement in India.

4. India has domestic financial regulations similar to all other countries for any organization to receive financial contributions from overseas. The action taken by India’s federal agencies is in accordance with the applicable Indian laws.