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Advisory for flights from Paris under Vande Bharat Mission as on 12th June 2020

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June 12, 2020

Revised advisory for flights from Paris under Vande Bharat Mission

Under Phase-III of Government of Indias Vande Bharat Mission (VBM), Air India would operate several Special flights from Paris to different cities in India from 15 to 30 June, 2020 to repatriate stranded Indian nationals and OCI Card holders to India.

2) Air tickets for the above Special flights from Paris commencing from 15 June

2020 may be purchased directly on Air India website [http://www.airindia.in/]. The updated flight schedule for Phase-III of the Vande Bharat Mission is available at https://drive.google.com/file/d/18lTU5UFgIqIikUsZkiwOJ5bpsL6Drcjb/view. Please note that Air India has cancelled all its earlier flights from Paris under VBM except those that were scheduled to fly from Paris on June 15, 17, 23 and 26, 2020. Air India could consider providing an additional flight from Paris to Delhi-Chennai on June 29, 2020, although it is not yet confirmed.

3) Only those Indian nationals and OCI Card holders who have compelling reasons to return to India and who have registered with the Embassy of India in Paris or at Indian Embassies located in any other country will be eligible to avail the Special Air India flights to India. Stranded Indian nationals currently in France desirous of availing these Special VBM flights to India and who have not yet registered are thus advised to do so at the earliest at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScTG4QNBfE3vmkEZLFV_HKc1XS4g Zaz9hHTOrmWD3hII_j96Q/viewform. OCI Card holders in France can register at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe0X3lMQm8geGeeo5TiM4CBMkYnZ V_l6A_P8n8OLfVeSCUXcA/viewform. Passengers would have to bear the cost of the aforesaid air tickets.

4) All passengers will be required to undergo medical screening before boarding the flight and only asymptomatic passengers will be allowed to travel.

5) Passengers availing VBM flights will have to undergo mandatory quarantine for 14 days as stipulated in Ministry of Home Affairs order dated 24 May 2020 [https://www.mha.gov.in/sites/default/files/MHAOrderDt24052020forspecifiedpersonstotravelabroad.pdf]and submit an Undertaking-cum-IndemnityBond(https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P8unMn10GZW9W9Ie2x_3YPkypEYCb61I/v iew) before boarding the flight at the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.

6) Passengers wanting to avail these flights from outside France need to fill up the following form before arriving at the Paris CDG Airport: 

Form in English :


Form in French :


No passenger would be allowed to enter into France. They would however be permitted to stay in the international Transit Area of the Paris CDG airport for only up to 24 hours of their arrival in France. No Transit Visa will be required for the purpose. Such passengers should try their best to Check-in their unaccompanied baggage directly from the port of their boarding to their destination in India in case foreign airlines/chartered flights permit the same. Otherwise, the baggage has to be Checked-in again by Air India in Paris. Passengers should in any case tie a Red Ribbon on the handle of their bags. When the unaccompanied baggage reach Paris, it would be easier for the Air India baggage handler to identify such baggage and collect them for onward Checking in the Special flights. Passengers would not be allowed to access the Baggage collection Belt at the CDG Airport in Paris and would have to remain in the International Transit Area from where Air India will issue the Boarding Passes for their onward journey to India.

7) All passengers upon their arrival in India will be medically screened and would have to download and register on Arogya Setu app as also follow the Protocols and guidelines of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Ministry of Civil Aviation and other concerned authorities of Government of India before and during the journey and upon their arrival in India